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Curious about what SPECIFIC conditions I can help you with? Perhaps you’re wondering if something you’ve been dealing with could benefit from a visit to Pinpoint Acupuncture Clinic?

Read this brief overview of my philosophy about the ROOT CAUSE of ALL health issues. Then decide for yourself if my unique style of treatment is right for you…

ALL health related concerns have one big thing in common:

Stress lies squarely at the root of the problem.

Now that I’ve shown my cards and made that big, bold statement, I’ll explain what I mean:

Stress is a much bigger, much more insidious issue than your boss yelling at you because you can’t read his mind or trying to balance the rest of the month at the end of the money (although both of those examples can have SERIOUS concequences for your biology). In fact…

There are 5 health wrecking ways stress sneaks into your body and brain and wreaks havoc on all aspects of your health.

They are:

1) What you eat and drink.

Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine”. Even though that statement was made thousands of years ago, it is truer today than ever. Plus… THE REVERSE IS ALSO TRUE. Food is often thy enemy! What you eat has a profound impact on your health, your cognition, your energy levels and your emotions.Have you ever felt tired and lethargic with a heaping helping of brain fog after a big carb based meal (like spaghetti)? OR, have you ever experienced a sudden, unexplained mood swing an hour or two after a meal that you chalked up to “hormones”? That’s your body reacting to what you just ate (and not in a good way)… It is NOT NORMAL to need a nap or get in an argument with your loved ones after eating.

Almost everyone has multiple food sensitivities (usually undiagnosed) ranging in severity from from low-level inflammation causing to outright poisonous to their biology. On top of that, there’s a whole range of foods most of us eat regularly that just don’t work well in a human being’s digestive system. This is MUCH MORE than a minor inconvenience… It amounts to a daily, low-level dose of poison injected straight into our digestive tract that our body has to deal with.

2) Genetic Predisposition.

Inherited traits are a real thing. I think everyone agrees on that. Unfortunately, in addition to being born with your Mom’s green eyes and Dad’s curly, dark hair, you’re also born with a particular set of DNA that impact:

  • What diseases and ailments you are susceptible to.
  • How you respond to other stressors such as food, medications, emotional trauma, accidents, etc.
  • How you respond to various health interventions (Ever wonder why a particular treatment works wonders for one person and has no effect whatsoever on somebody else?).
  • AND, layered on top of all that like a sickening sweet coating of frosting is the fact that your Gene Expression (which genes are turned on or off at any given time) is affected by all of the other stress points. So, a gene that is helpful to us can get turned off, and a “sleeping” gene that’s problematic can get turned on.

3) The Environment.

We are impacted, both positively and negatively by EVERYTHING around us:

  • The air we breath (and the thousands of pollutants in it).
  • Electromagnetic fields from power lines, cell towers and the gadgets and appliances in our homes (and our pockets).
  • The cycles of the moon.
  • Weather patterns and atmospheric pressure.
  • The various chemicals that are dumped on our soil and into our water supply that find their way into the food we eat and the air we breath.
  • ETC.

4) Physical Trauma.

Throughout life, we experience all sorts of physical trauma, both big and small. Unfortunately, it’s often the accumulation of the little things that get us in the end… Sort of a straw that broke the camels back situation….

That car accident sucked the big one (and is probably contributing to some of your long term issues in ways you don’t even realize), but slipping on the ice, falling down the stairs, getting punched in the face in the schoolyard when you were ten and twisting your ankle playing soccer can have a cumulative, long term effect…. Causing fascial chains to “gum up”, scar tissue to form, blood flow to decrease and chronic, low level inflammation to set in…. All of which triggers imperceptible holding patterns to set in, changing the way you sit in your chair, hold your shoulders, turn your head ,etc. These changes further compound the underlying issues by helping make it worse over time, harder to fix once we do begin to address the problem AND they help create NEW ISSUES we have to deal with alongside the old ones.

5) Emotions.

This is where most peoples sole definition of stress lives… In their feelings, moods, demeanor, attitude and in the way they react and respond to to life’s constant barrage of circumstances. As you can see, there are many types of stress. However, this one’s a biggie.

How you feel, react, perceive and respond to the various situations you find yourself in has a PROFOUND impact on your health. Anxiety, fear, anger and frustration all have very serious consequences for our nervous system, often putting you in a perpetual state of “Fight or Flight”. This state causes a large release of adrenal hormones into our bloodstream which, if we were being chased by a bear would be incredibly helpful…. While we’re in the car, at work, or talking to the kids however, these excess hormones cause all sorts of nasty problems.

There you have it. The 5 major ways stress gets into our bodies, wreaks havoc and makes us sick (Yes, there are LOTS of ways I didn’t list. However, virtually everything falls into one of these 5 main categories). I strongly believe ALL illness is the result of an accumulation of these various stressors assaulting our biology on a continual basis until we are completely overloaded, our immune system can no longer cope, and we experience illness, pain, fatigue, and disease.

At Pinpoint Acupuncture Clinic, I:

  • Work to identify the individual stress triggers that are causing YOU to experience your unique issues.
  • Work with you to either minimize or eliminate your stress triggers.
  • Work with you to change your body’s response to those triggers that can’t be eliminated.
  • Work to balance, relax and strengthen your nervous system so you’re not in a constant state of “Fight or Flight” AND can reset quickly back to a balanced state when something does set you off.
  • Give you tips, tools and techniques to keep your stress levels from all sources under control and your nervous system calm and balanced for the long haul.


What health conditions can I help with?

I believe that no matter what your specific diagnosis is, it is the result of an accumulation of the various forms of stress we’ve just discusses and my techniques can be of benefit. Whether your just feeling a little overwhelmed or have a small pain issue you’d like to resolve OR if you’ve got a serious problem you’ve been dealing with for some time, I’m confident I can help.

Lets get started.

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