FAQ’S – Frequently Asked Questions

Pinpoint Acupuncture Clinic FAQ'sHere’s a list of the questions I get asked most often by new clients:

How much does each session cost?
Each session costs $80.00 total. There is no HST.

What forms of payment do you accept?
I accept all major credit cards, cash, and e-transfers.

Will my insurance plan cover my treatments?
Most insurance plans have coverage allotments for acupuncture, so you should be good. However, I’d recommend looking over your policy to be safe, as every plan is a little different.

Will you directly bill my insurance company?
Yes, as long as your insurance plan provides that option (most do).

How long does each session last?
Each session is scheduled for one hour.

Do you treat children?
Yes, absolutely! I tend to treat kids under 10 with 1/2 hour sessions, which cost $40.00.

How many treatments will I need?
This is a VERY individualized answer that is dependent on your heath situation.  In general, the longer you have been experiencing your health issues, the longer it’s going to take to get them resolved. Acute conditions might clear up in just a few sessions. Chronic, long-standing stubborn problems that you’ve been struggling with for a while could take a little longer.

Will I need to keep coming to see you forever?
Only if you want to 🙂 . My goal is ALWAYS to get you back to where you want to be AND give you the tools and techniques to use at home to keep yourself there. So you shouldn’t have to come all the time once we get you on track. However, everything needs maintenance to keep running well and your health is no different. You get your teeth cleaned at the dentist twice a year, the oil changed in your car every 5000km, the furnace in your house serviced once a year and you clean and dust your house every week or so. If you neglect any of these fairly simple things, you’ve got a much bigger, more time consuming problem to deal with. Maintaining your health once we get you feeling great works much the same. Regular maintenance goes a long way towards KEEPING you where you want to be instead of gradually slipping backwards from life’s daily stressors until you’re in crisis again.

Where are you located?
17 Donaldson Avenue, Enifeld, N.S.
There’s a map and directions on my Treatment Location page.

Do I need to book an appointment?
Yes. I work by appointment only. You can call or text me at 902-209-5137 to set something up or click the BOOK NOW button located on every page of the site to access my online scheduler.

What is your schedule?
You can see my schedule on my Jennifer’s Schedule page.

Can I book my appointment online?
Absolutely! You can access my online scheduler by clicking the Book Now button below:

What is your background?
See my About Jennifer Poplar page for all the deets.

How should I prepare for my treatment?

  • Write down everything you can think of about your condition that could be helpful including:
    • How long it’s been affecting you.
    • When and how it first occurred.
    • What triggers it now.
    • HOW it’s affecting your day to day life.
    • etc.
  • Write down any questions YOU may have for me to make sure you don’t forget to ask them.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Put your cell in airplane mode.
  • Between appointments, write down any changes and improvements you notice.

What will you do during my treatment?
I’ve written very detailed explanations about my methodology as well as the various treatment modalities I utilize. Check them out here:
The Big Picture – How It All Fits Together
Acupuncture – Big Results From Tiny Needles
Cupping Therapy – The Science Is In The Suction
Reflexology – Finding The Answers In Your Feet
Gua Sha – Scraping Away The Pain
Accelerating Results – A Cooperative Approach

That just about covers all of the most common questions I get when people call for the first time. If you’ve got ANY questions I haven’t covered, feel free to give me a call, that’s what I’m here for.


If you live anywhere in East Hants or Halifax Regional Municipality including Enfield, Elmsdale, Fall River, Halifax, Bedford and Dartmouth, my clinic is only a hop, skip & jump away, so….

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